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Book 1 : Cirque du Freak

UK & Ireland

Rejected cover for Hardback Edition (October 2005)

This is a rejected U.K. cover of the hardback edition of Cirque Du Freak (on sale, October 2005) -- now that the series has finished, and because the books have become incredibly popular recently, my British publishers have decided to release Book 1 in a hardback edition! If it sells well, I think the plan is to release the rest of the series in a similar format. This is a working draft of the cover -- although I loved it, in the end they decided to go with a much darker cover. The following is what my editor said about the design: "the spider on the front is actually a photograph of a real (enORmous) dead one purchased at some market. The lettering of your name and the logo is cut out of tin and photographed, and the darker areas are going to be flecked with foil which will catch the light. The stitching on the spine and corners will also be foiled and debossed. The lighter areas of the red threaded main area are also going to be debossed, so there will be a good textured touchy-feely element."

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