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Books 10, 11 and 12 of The Saga Of Darren Shan.

Become a half-vampire. Explore the night. Feed. Comprising "The Lake of Souls", "Lord of the Shadows" and "Sons of Destiny", "Vampire Destiny" is the blood-curdling, boundary-busting grand finale of "The Saga of Darren Shan"!!!

In "The Lake of Souls", Darren and Harkat go on a quest to the lake of the dead, through a world of mystery and terror. Will they find out who Harkat used to be, or will they perish in a strange, inhuman wasteworld?

In "Lord of the Shadows", Darren returns home and confronts the demons of his human past. The stage is set for a brutal showdown with his arch-nemesis, Steve Leopard, but nobody has guessed just how far Steve is prepared to go, or the depths he will stoop to.

In "Sons of Destiny", the Hunters face the Lord of the Vampaneze in a fight to the death. But according to the prophets of destiny, if they win, Darren will become a greater monster than the one he seeks to destroy. With time running out, can Des Tiny be foiled, or is the world doomed?

The fourth and final Darren Shan collection, released in a single bone-crunching edition for the first time. Each book has been re-edited since its original release, to clean up typing errors and minor mistakes!!! (Like a digitally remastered CD or DVD!)

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