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Books 7, 8 and 9 of The Saga Of Darren Shan.

After 6 years of life in Vampire Mountain, Darren, Mr Crepsley and Harkat Mulds are told by Mr Tiny that they have to leave the safety of the fortress and go out into the world in search of the fabled Lord of the Vampaneze. If they find and kill him, the vampires are destined to win the War of the Scars. But if they fail, the vampaneze will win and destroy the entire vampire clan -- and two of the hunters will die during the quest ...

Become, if you have the courage, one of the Hunters of the Dusk in book 7 ... meet some old friends and acquaintances in Allies of The Night ... then face the most dangerous time of the day for any vampire, in Killers of the Dawn!!!

The third Darren Shan collection. One huge story arc, broken down into three parts originally, now released in a single spine-tingling edition for the first time. Each book has been re-edited since its original release, to clean up typing errors and minor mistakes!!! (Like a digitally remastered CD or DVD!)

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