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BOOK 4 - Vampire Mountain

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Book 4 of The Saga Of Darren Shan. Six years have passed since Tunnels Of Blood. Darren has settled into life as a vampire's assistant, and feels at home in the Cirque Du Freak. But now he must leave the freak show and his friends behind, to travel to the distant Vampire Mountain with Mr Crepsley, where he must be presented for approval to the Vampire Princes and Generals.

Travelling with Darren and Mr Crepsley are two Little People, and they're later joined by an old friend and some four-legged predators. The trek to Vampire Mountain is long and dangerous, and blood will be spilt along the way. The vampires also make a worrying discovery -- they are not the only creatures of the night on the path to the mountain ...

Inside Vampire Mountain, Darren learns much of vampires, their history and ways. He's introduced to many fierce, battle-scarred Generals. Some accept him instantly -- but he must earn the friendship of others! When he's taken to meet the legendary Princes, he learns the true price of what it takes to become a vampire ...

Vampire Mountain is the start of a gruelling, 3-part Darren Shan adventure. The story continues in Book 5:Trials Of Death, and concludes in Book 6:The Vampire Prince.



Book 4 was originally titled Halls of Vampire Mountain. Later I decided to shorten it for more effect. And Harkat in the first draft of this book (and 5 and 6) was originally called Harvey!!!!! My plan, back when I was planning this trilogy and looking ahead to the rest of the series, was for Harkat to have been EVRA in his previous life!!!! (Take away the H and Y from Harvey and reverse the letters -- ta-da!!!) At that stage I meant for Evra to travel to Vampire Mountain with Darren and Mr Crepsley, and to be with Darren and Harkat in every book right up until The Lake Of Souls, when he would have died (having realized at the very end that he was actually Harvey).

But when I sat down to write book 4, I realized there was no real reason for Evra to travel with Darren -- unlike Darren, Evra had grown up and had other, more normal things to occupy his thoughts (such as marriage!!). In terms of the storyline, it made no sense for him to leave his home and go off to a mountain full of vampires. He would have simply been there because I wanted him to be. And so, regretfully, I had to relegate him down the list of important cast members. And then I had to go looking for another candidate to fill the shoes of the to-be-renamed Little Person ... one who was friends with Darren ... who died during the series ... who had a genuine reason to come back to life as a Little Person and help Darren and the entire vampire clan ...


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