Jebel Rum is a thin, scrawny boy. His father is the famed executioner in the city where they live. When Jebel is humiliated in public, he sets off on a quest to gain great strength and invincibility. If successful, he will be able to compete in a gruelling contest to prove himself and replace his...
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  • Book Blog Bonanza

    Book Blog Bonanza | 06 January 2015

    After finishing a series like Gone, I wasn't ready to start another one. And what better luck than to stumble on a Darren Shan standalone. Especially, one like The Thin Executioner. I've seen...

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  • Geek Rage

    Geek Rage | 01 March 2014

     Okay, so the rundown is as follows: The Thin Executioner by Darren Shan is a brilliant, violent coming-of-age novel about a young man’s attempt to gain power through a human sacrifice ritual so...

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  • Slamedia

    Slamedia | 26 January 2014

    Darren Shan is an author of three book series and the fact that I happen to pick up one of his books, that is stand-alone, must be a sign. The Thin Executioner started off strong and, though I...

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  • (insert book here)

    (insert book here) | 30 November 2013

    I enjoyed reading this book over the holiday break because it was easy to go through, and made me think about the context of the book and the lovely message it contained even after I had finished...

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  • Crazy Bookworm

    Crazy Bookworm | 22 November 2013

    A book that has a moral at the end is hard to find and the Thin Execution by Darren Shan one of the very rare gem books that does have one.


    Many people think that Darren Shan writes horror...

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  • Searching For The Perfect Book

    Searching For The Perfect Book | 26 September 2013

    The Thin Executioner is about Jebel, the son of the best executioner the city has ever seen. Jebel wants to be executioner too, but when his father says he will resign, he forgets to mention...

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  • Nyx Book Reviews

    Nyx Book Reviews | 22 August 2013

    Terrible. Stopped at 187 pages.

    You know, I love Darren Shan’s books. I fell in love with his vampire Cirque du Freak books when I was younger, and rediscovered my love for his writing with his...

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  • City Academy Norwich

    City Academy Norwich | 16 February 2013

    Darren Shan is the number 1 children’s horror writer and if you read some of his books you would be able to see why.

    The Thin Executioner came out in April 2010. It was originally inspired by...

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  • datbookreviews

    datbookreviews | 03 December 2012

    The Thin Executioner, by Darren Shan (whom happens to me one of my all time favourite authors) is a book I believe Shan released last year. It’s really strange writing about Darren Shan as an...

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  • Books Glorious Books

    Books Glorious Books | 26 November 2012

    I am a huge fan of Darren Shan's books and this was no exception even if I did feel like it didn't live up to his other work.

    It was definitely not what I was expecting from Shan. I was...

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  • The Potted Plot

    The Potted Plot | 29 January 2012

    I finished Darren Shan‘s “The Thin Executioner” in a matter of days! It’s a rollicking adventure, meant for kids, but as with all Shan’s works (“The Vampire’s Assistant” aside), it is hardly...

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  • Lily Jay

    Lily Jay | 13 January 2012

    Absolutely excellent coming of age novel. I devoured it quickly. The beginning was tough to read for me. The protagonist is completely unlikable. He was disgustingly shallow, arrogant, rude,...

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  • Ridiculously Rich Reads

    Ridiculously Rich reads | 23 December 2011

    The master of horror has pulled it off yet again! I read this book about four months ago and I loved it. Inspired by "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and with added dark, bloody details by...

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  • Focused Distortion

    Focused Distortion | 22 December 2011

    Another "teen reader" type book, I've read that the basis for it is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. If true, the times they are a'changin. I guess sort of like ole Huck this kid does go...

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  • Bryce’s Blog

    Bryce's Blog | 20 November 2011

    Jebel Rum, son of the highly respected executioner, Rashed Rum, desires to follow in his father's footsteps. However, he is humiliated in public by his father, who just announced his plans for...

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  • The Guardian

    The Guardian | 16 December 2011

    Jebel Rum is a thin, weak boy who dreams of being a warrior. When he is shamed in public by his father, Rashed Rum, the famous executioner, Jebel goes on a dark and dangerous quest to restore his...

    Read full review: The Guardian
  • Teens Book Reviews

    Teens Book Reviews | 27 November 2011

    I’m going to start off my reviews with a review of a book that I read quite a while ago now, and never tire of re-reading.

    The Thin Executioner – by Darren Shan

    The story is based in an...

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  • Fiction Addict

    Fiction Addict | 12 October 2011

    Shan creates an entire world with various cultures, religions and villains in his archetypal tale, The Thin Executioner. Inspired by the country of Jordan, Jebel Rum sets out on a quest to gain...

    Read full review: Fiction Addict
  • Alice Devours Books

    Alice Devours Books | 09 September 2011

    This book was dark but good. It's about a kingdom where executioners are praised above all others. This scrawny boy gets insulted by his dad, the executioner, in front of everyone. There will be...

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  • Verbal

    Verbal | 13 July 2011

    The prolific and hugely popular Darren Shan will be familiar to many parents for the Vampire’s Assistant (adapted from his 12 book Saga of Darren Shan for the big screen last year and starring...

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  • The Lonely Book-Club

    The Lonely Book-Club | 30 May 2011

    Darren Shan has been one of my favorite authors since I, a day in the autumn or winter of 2003, laid my hands on the Norwegian edition of Cirque du freak, the first book in the Saga of Darren...

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  • Kid Twizzler Reviews

    Kid Twizzler reviews | 27 May 2011

    This book was amazing!!!! The characters were amazing, the emotions were truly amazing, and the ending was breathtaking. Nothing can compare to this book. I'm not saying this is one of the best...

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  • Bookworm 1858

    Bookworm 1858 | 26 May 2011

    This is a book I would have never read if not for the Overlooked Book Battle. Which means that I am very grateful to whoever nominated it because I loved this book!


    I began uncertainly...

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  • Blue Rat Reviews

    Blue Rat Reviews | 23 May 2011

    I'm not a horror fan, but the premise of this book drew me in: Jebel setting out on a brutal quest with the slave he must sacrifice at the end of it. Why would the slave go along? We find out...

    Read full review: Blue Rat Reviews
  • Night Blondie

    Night Blondie | 20 May 2011

    Your ideals are not always the correct ideals. Jebel Rum learns this in the novel The Thin Executioner by Darren Shan. The Thin Executioner follows Jebel on his travels to become the man he wants...

    Read full review: Night Blondie
  • Stargirlbutterfly

    Stargirlbutterfly | 26 April 2011

    The moment I saw this book on the shelf in the bookshop I did an impression of Gollum - "Myyyyyyyyyy precioussssssssss." I didn't even read the book description. I just saw a name - Darren Shan....

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  • Inis

    Inis | 01 April 2011

    Darren Shan’s latest offering departs from his previous works in a number of ways. Firstly, in its format as a stand-alone novel and, secondly, as a departure from the horror genre his faithful...

    Read full review: Inis
  • Writing Belle

    Writing Belle | 01 April 2011

    What ensues is a book filled with many adventures. Shan's dialogue is quick and oftentimes witty. Tel Hesani is a character you begin to feel sympathetic with. Jebel, on the other hand, is a...

    Read full review: Writing Belle
  • Jason’s Bookstack

    Jason's Bookstack | 09 March 2011

    After his hit vampire series, (Though not quite good enough to compete with other young adult novels of its nature) Cirque Du Freak, Darren Shan went on to write dozens of novels, all of them...

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  • Pen Sister

    Pen Sister | 03 February 2011

    First, I would like to say I loved the first few Cirque du' Freak books, and I'm mulling over buying the first Demonata book. Darren Shan has brought many good 'boy friendly' stories to the table...

    Read full review: Pen Sister
  • ALAN Online

    ALAN Online | 21 January 2011

    The kingdom of Abu Aineh is a place of uncompromising justice, where laws are strict, judges are without mercy, and nothing is so exacting—or revered—as the executioner’s blade. Jebel Rum knows...

    Read full review: ALAN Online
  • Books And Writers

    Books And Writers | 16 January 2011

    The Thin Executioner is one of the most gripping tales ever by Darren Shan – there were lots of unexpected twists, keeping me wondering what’s going to happen next… I couldn’t stop reading from...

    Read full review: Books And Writers
  • Teens Read Too

    Teens Read Too | 14 January 2011

    Regardless of his size, Jebel Rum has always wanted to be the successor of his father as the executioner for his
    tribe, a profession that is somewhat honored and entertaining. It doesn’t help...

    Read full review: Teens Read Too
  • Books4Hearts

    Books4Hearts | 10 January 2011

    To start this post, I don't think I could use anything better then the words from the back of the book: "The executioner swung his axe - THWACK! - and another head went rolling into the dust."


    Read full review: Books4Hearts
  • 1 Year, 100 Books

    1 Year, 100 Books | 10 January 2011

    I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of times I have sat down and tried to write or film a review for this book. Each time I attempt it I miss out a million things I want to say so I’m just...

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  • Books Articles

    Books Articles | 02 January 2011

    This is a brief evaluation of the new book by Darren Shan: The Thin Executioner.

    Jebel Rum is the youngest, and smallest, of three sons, whose father is the revered executioner of Wadi....

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  • Christopher Campbell’s Mess

    Christopher Campbell's Mess | 01 January 2011

    I can't count the number of 8th grade students who want to read edgy and creepy novels with a heaping of horror thrown in for good measure. For the past few years I've been recommending Darren...

    Read full review: Christopher Campbell’s Mess
  • Icey Books

    Icey Books | 25 December 2010

    The Thin Executioner has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now. I decided to pick it up since I haven't seen many reviews of it. And just as the summary says, this story really was a lot...

    Read full review: Icey Books
  • VOYA

    VOYA | 13 December 2010

    When Rashed Rum, famed executioner of Wadi, announces retirement from his post of thirty years, he acknowledges his two sons J'Al and J'An without mentioning his younger son, Jebel Rum. Shamed by...

    Read full review: VOYA
  • Bookbitz

    Bookbitz | 29 November 2010

    The Thin Executioner is something of a departure for Darren Shan; as well as being his only standalone novel it centres on the twin themes of historical fantasy and dark mythology rather than on...

    Read full review: Bookbitz
  • Children’s Literature

    Children's Literature | 23 November 2010

    The title character of this picaresque fantasy, Jebel Rum, is a thin weakling of a boy who aspires to succeed his father as executioner of Abu Aineh, a nation in the far south of the land...

    Read full review: Children’s Literature
  • School Library Journal

    School Library Journal | 23 November 2010

    Shan's latest fantasy marks something of a departure from his gory, demon-infested "Demonata" and "Cirque du Freak" series (both Little, Brown). Based loosely on The Adventures of Huckleberry...

    Read full review: School Library Journal
  • Lindea

    Lindea | 09 November 2010

    Darren Shan has been one of my favorite authors since I a day in the autumn or winter of 2003 when I first laid my hands on the norwegian edition of Cirque du freak, the first book in the Saga of...

    Read full review: Lindea
  • Kiss The Book

    Kiss The Book | 08 October 2010

    When Jebel, the executioner’s son is shamed by his father, he sets off on a quest. His goal is to win back his honor, petition the Fire God for invincibility, and to compete for the job of the...

    Read full review: Kiss The Book
  • Bookstove

    Bookstove | 07 October 2010

    The Thin Executioner is the latest novel from Darren Shan. His other novels, the Cirque De Freak series and the Demonta series were both a huge hit. Many of My friends also read books written by...

    Read full review: Bookstove
  • Library Lady

    Library Lady | 29 September 2010

    5 out of 5 stars.


    The Thin Executioner is the story of 12 year old Jebel’s journey from spoiled, arrogant, closed minded child to someone much different. We meet Jebel at a public execution...

    Read full review: Library Lady
  • Buried Under Books

    Buried Under Books | 15 September 2010

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was one of my favorite books growing up. This update of the classic may well become a favorite of young adult readers who have not experienced the original.


    Read full review: Buried Under Books
  • Write Away

    Write Away | 11 September 2010

    Darran Shan's first stand-alone book for children - a fantasy epic, that's big on philosophy yet surprisingly small on gore! Crikey. This is something completely different from the crowned king...

    Read full review: Write Away
  • Ace Of books

    Ace Of Books | 10 September 2010

    Jebel is one of the sons of the executioner in their town (I forgot the name), a thin and accused as weak unlike his brothers. Time has come for his father to retire from being an executioner, so...

    Read full review: Ace Of books
  • Back To Books

    Back To Books | 08 September 2010

    The world of Makhras is made up of many different towns, empires, territories, etc. and each of these is peopled by it's own unique society with their own traditions, religions, ways of life and...

    Read full review: Back To Books
  • Lucy Was Robbed

    Lucy Was Robbed | 03 September 2010

    All of the publishers' blurbs and pre-pub info says that this book was inspired by The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but I didn't get that from the story. Sure, It's a story about a young teen...

    Read full review: Lucy Was Robbed
  • | 01 September 2010

    THE THIN EXECUTIONER was reportedly inspired by the classic THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, an interesting detail in light of the fact that Darren Shan is an author of horror fiction. I’m not...

    Read full review:
  • Moore Teens Unite

    Moore Teens Unite | 24 August 2010

    Jebel Rum’s family is famous and respected because his father is the royal executioner. Jebel, however, is a thin runt that is dishonored when his father forgets to even consider him as a...

    Read full review: Moore Teens Unite
  • Voracious YAppetite

    Voracious YAppetite | 21 August 2010

    Final Verdict First:

    The Thin Executioner is a traditional fantasy in the sense that it tells of an underdog’s heroic quest to a mountain that is believed to house a being of incredible powers,...

    Read full review: Voracious YAppetite
  • Books @ NCPL

    Books @ NCPL | 19 August 2010

    Jebel Rum is scrawny. He is thin. And in a world where only the burly and strong can make a living, he has no chance to beat his older brothers to their father's title as executioner, the most...

    Read full review: Books @ NCPL
  • Hip Scouts

    Hip Scouts | 10 August 2010

    LittleBrown sometimes send out advances copies of books to a team of teenage readers, known as Hip Scouts. These guys read the books, then respond with their comments and thoughts. Below are the...

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  • Publishers Weekly

    Publishers Weekly | 10 August 2010

    Shan (the Cirque Du Freak series) delivers a fun if predictable stand-alone novel that loosely updates Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn while posing some interesting moral questions. Set in...

    Read full review: Publishers Weekly
  • Booklist

    Booklist | 10 August 2010

    Though its basis on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn provides a potential inroad for educators, the nonstop action and violence make Shan’s latest best suited for reading with no strings...

    Read full review: Booklist
  • Shroud Magazine

    Shroud Magazine | 05 August 2010

    5 stars out of 5.


    "The Thin Executioner" tells the story of overly thin, immature, and opinionated Jebel Rum, a young man on the brink of adulthood. To remedy being passed over for a chance...

    Read full review: Shroud Magazine
  • RT Book Reviews

    RT Book Reviews | 04 August 2010

    Shan’s homage to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a rip-roaring, heartbreaking adventure. You’ll be on the edge of your seat till the very last page. 4.5 stars out of 5.

    Read full review: RT Book Reviews
  • Wordbird

    Wordbird | 04 August 2010

    Rating: 3/5

    This book is one I feel very unsure about. I was satisfied by the ending and the beginning was nicely paced, but the middle was slightly tedious. I couldn’t focus as I read, and...

    Read full review: Wordbird
  • Wandering Librarians

    Wandering Librarians | 03 August 2010

    Jebel Rum is the runt of his family, and has been publicly shamed by his father, the much honored executioner of Wadi. Jebel wants to compete in the competition to become the next executioner,...

    Read full review: Wandering Librarians
  • SFRevu

    SFRevu | 01 August 2010

    An Arabian Nights coming-of-age novel, Darren Shan's The Thin Executioner details the adventures of Jebel Rum on his journey to recover his honor and win the woman of his dream, Debbat, the high...

    Read full review: SFRevu
  • TV Tropes

    TV Tropes | 17 July 2010

    Departing from his fantasy and horror roots, Darren Shan returns with The Thin Executioner. Set in a medeival Qurac, the book is notionally inspired by The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.


    Read full review: TV Tropes
  • Darlyn & Books

    Darlyn & Books | 16 July 2010

    This is a book that is really drawing me in! Darren Shan never fails to attract my attention of reading his books. I like his Cirque Du Freak books and this one is also is a very good premise. It...

    Read full review: Darlyn & Books
  • Kirkus

    Kirkus | 15 July 2010

    When his father publicly shames him, Jebel Rum takes the brand of quester and seeks the blessing of the fire god to obtain strength and invincibility. Guided by his sacrificial slave, Tel Hasani,...

    Read full review: Kirkus
  • Shady’s Reviews

    Shady's Reviews | 10 July 2010

    Jebel Rum lives in a world of slavery, he is the son of an executioner, a strict man who thinks that pride and honour are everything, having three sons he has to decide who he thinks is worthy of...

    Read full review: Shady’s Reviews
  • Ezine Articles

    Ezine Articles | 08 July 2010

    Jebel Rum is the youngest, and smallest, of three sons, whose father is the revered executioner of Wadi. After a day of beheading criminals, his father makes an unexpected announcement to the...

    Read full review: Ezine Articles
  • Mightier Than The Sword

    Mightier Than The Sword | 06 July 2010

    This long awaited review of Darren Shan's The Thin Executioner comes a couple of days after I've finished reading it. I'll admit it took me much longer than I'd hoped to read it; it came out at...

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  • Horror Ezine

    Horror Ezine | 04 July 2010

    Did you enjoy The Saga Of Darren Shan? How about The Demonata? You did? Fantastic. Well, this is nothing like those two …


    Shan tends to write for young adults (points up), though he has...

    Read full review: Horror Ezine
  • Buckslib Blog

    Buckslib Blog | 03 July 2010

    Move over Saga of Darren Shan and The Demonata. Make way for The Thin Executioner! In his newest book for older teen readers, popular author Darren Shan brings us the story of skinny Jebel Rum,...

    Read full review: Buckslib Blog
  • YA Lit Lovers

    YA Lit Lovers | 06 June 2010

    Jebel Rum is the youngest son of Wadi’s executioner, the famed Rashed Rum – the second most powerful man in the city. When Rashed announces his retirement after a public execution, he expresses a...

    Read full review: YA Lit Lovers
  • Verbal magazine

    Verbal magazine | 05 June 2010

    A rip-roaring adventure, proving Shan isn’t reliant on gore to keep readers engrossed, says Verbal.

    The prolific and hugely popular Darren Shan will be familiar to many parents for the...

    Read full review: Verbal magazine
  • Dark Calling

    Dark Calling | 08 May 2010

    First of all, it took me longer to finish a Darren Shan book than usual because the book is bigger in size and has more pages.
    This is a review about the book The Thin Executioner:
    The story is...

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  • Mooney - RTE Radio One

    Mooney - RTE Radio One | 03 May 2010

    We had Darrenn Shan on this programme not so long ago talking about vampires. This isn't one of his vampire or demon books, it's a one-off fantasy with Arabian nights flavour.

    Jebel is the...

    Read full review: Mooney - RTE Radio One
  • Irish Independent

    Irish Independent | 01 May 2010

    Parents worldwide owe a great debt to both Darren Shan and Derek Landy for keeping their teenagers reading. Two of the most successful children's writers this country has ever produced, along...

    Read full review: Irish Independent
  • The Book Zone (For Boys)

    The Book Zone (For Boys) | 25 April 2010

    Darren Shan has become one of the best-selling YA authors of recent years through his Saga of Darren Shan and Demonata books. These books have invariably contained pages and pages of gory horror,...

    Read full review: The Book Zone (For Boys)
  • The Brainbrarian Speaks

    The Brainbrarian Speaks | 16 April 2010

    April 12 - I picked up an advanced reader copy of this book by Darren Shan when I was in Portland for PLA. I wanted to blog some ideas about it as I read it. It's fairly good sized, but has a...

    Read full review: The Brainbrarian Speaks
  • Sarwat Chadda’s blog

    Sarwat Chadda's blog | 01 April 2010

    I must admit I've not been a fan of Shan until now. The book's got a great Arabian nights flavour but it's subject matter is pretty serious, the nature of belief. It follows the trials of a...

    Read full review: Sarwat Chadda’s blog
  • Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books

    Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books | 29 March 2010

    There is a new Darren Shan book in the offering, but the first thing to say is that this is probably not the type of book that you may have been expecting from Darren Shan. It's not a...

    Read full review: Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books
  • Waterstones

    Waterstones | 26 March 2010

    Residing on his mantel of king of horror Darren Shan returns to deliver teen fantasy of the most blood curdling variety.

    Driven by a need to expel claims that he is the runt of the litter...

    Read full review: Waterstones
  • Amity Middle School - Bethany book blog

    Amity Middle School - Bethany book blog | 15 March 2010

    Darren Shan is the author of the Cirque Du Freak series. This book is quite a departure for him. First of all, the book I read is an advanced copy I received from one of my students. This book...

    Read full review: Amity Middle School - Bethany book blog