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Wolf Island is the 8th book in Darren Shan's book series The Demonata. Told from the POV of Grubbs Grady, this book coincides with the events in book 7 (and as well as book 9 (Dark Calling), which comes out November this year).Action packed and face paced, do not let the size of it fool you! Events that had you guessing in book 7 come clear and explanations are given where they weren't in the past. You learn a lot of new things about our hero, Grubbs. In the past, we have known Grubbs to be many things: Unsure, funny, cowardly... but beastly?? Lets just say in Wolf Island, things (and people!) get monstrous. I really enjoyed the fact that Darren Shan went more into the Werewolf perspective. We also learned a lot more about the Lambs, which I wouldn't have expected since they didn't necessarily have a huge part in previous novels. Darren Shan delved us deeper into Grubb's world... one which I hope to never live in. All together a great book. Now what I want to know is... What's Kernel up to?!Rating: 4.5/5.0
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