What A Review! | 13 January 2013 | Tom Lee

Only read if you have read book 1, or read my other review


I can’t think of a snappy title about this book! All I can think about is how amazing the Zom-B series is and its only on book 2 at the moment!


The Zom-B series follows the young protagonist Becky Smith, referred to as “B”


As seen in book 1, B was a normal girl with an abusive, racist father, she told herself that she wasn’t going to turn into a monster like her father, but instead kills a young poor defenseless black boy, known as Tyler, by feeding him to the zombies, she does this on the command of her dad to save them.


She regrets this and ends up turning back to find another way out of the school without the help of her dad, but gets attacked by Tyler who rips her heart out (talk about heart breaking!)



Zom-B Underground is the second book in the series and it is set a little in the future (months not years) where Becky has been taken to an underground containment. Instead of being a normal zombie Becky is a Zom-Head, Zom-Heads are basically zombies, but have a conciseness, can speak and have a mind of their own, and don’t just think of food (braaaainssss).


This books most of the way through is an introduction to Becky’s new surroundings, finding out about the Zom-Heads, the Revives and the Reviveds.


Will Becky make it out of the underground? Read and you’ll find out, I suggest reading as this book is amazing and I do suggest anyone to read this series of Darren Shan books, I know I will be and then I will work on the rest of his books.



One note, if you have a fear of clowns, beware of Mr Dowling (read and you’ll find out). Darren Shan truly is “The Master of Horror”

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