Vulcan Fiction Writer | 05 September 2014 |

B’s become a zombie and is now in a strange facility with a guy throwing a bunch of flames at the other mindless zombies surrounding her. She lashes out at him and is pulled from the group when they realize that she has her mind back and is not like the others. The people throwing flames at her were like herself. They were zombies with their minds and memories still. They call themselves zom heads. She becomes a part of the group and finds out about the strange stuff that they are being fed (duh, brains). She refused to eat them even though she knows she will become a mindless zombie from the decision. Her cell is wrenched open one day to reveal a clown that she never wanted to meet in the first place. She tries to escape with the other zom heads who start to go mindless themselves. One of the soldiers let her out and only her while throwing flames at the other zom heads.

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