Voices From The Middle (USA) | 24 April 2010 | Teri S Lesesne
Sequels are a dicey business. Seldom do the second installments live up to the original. That is most certainly not true for the second in the vampire series that began with Cirque Du Freak. Darren Shan is now the assistant to Mr Crepsley, a vampire he encountered during a visit to a freak show. Now Darren must learn how to take care of his master. As a half-vampire, Darren must also learn how to survive in his new form. When Crepsley and Darren return to the Cirque Du Freak, Darren is at first please to make a new friend in Evra, the snake-boy. However, the arrival of Mr Tiny (first name Des -- get it?) and the Little People casts a pall over Darren's life. What secrets does Mr Tiny possess? How will they affect Darren's life? Readers will be held spellbound and eagerly await installment #3 in this compelling new series.
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