The Review Broads | 05 January 2011 | Ava

Second in the City trilogy, preceded by NY Times bestseller “Procession of The Dead,” this January release pursues its characters with a vengeance. Al Jeery guards the Cardinal, a person of great power, in The City, which is never named. When a woman is murdered, the Cardinal seeks out Jerry’s expertise to expose the killer. To his horror, the mutilated and blade tattered woman turns out to be Jeery’s girlfriend. Enter Wami, the most powerful assassin in the City’s history. Within turbulent twists and labyrinthine plot, Jeery discovers the truth, which he simply cannot fathom.


Tight, compact, lightning fast writing lends Hell’s Horizon a Dante-esque fruition as a horror novel. If you like this genre, you will be Hell bent on entering Hell – the City.


This is a genre I simply do not delve into – science fiction/horror. A magnificent genre for most; however, I find these novels more suited to the human Alfred Hitchcock aficionados who love their mystical macabre views. Do not take this personally Mr. Shan – I simply chose a title above my personal safety zone. However, that said, the novel rose up to its expectations, and I am sure we will see this title – as its predecessor – on the NY Times Bestseller’s List also!


3.5/5 stars

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