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Ehmm.. Zom-B: Underground was interesting, quite interesting! It didn't have the racial theme in there as much as Zom-B, and quite frankly it was a good thing. The racial aspect was very good in the first book, and I applaud Darren for doing it; however You never want to over preach you audience to the point where it corrodes the actual plot structure/ development. Darren Shan definitely kept those two heavyweights in check-and averted the almost inevitable trap that most morally coated books lay victim to.

Zom-B Underground (unlike Zom-B) showed B Smith in a different light, no longer is she the conscious/sub conscious racist, she's made an effort to distance herself as far away as from her father as she can. Darren Shan has turned the villain of the first book, into the hero of the second. You even get to have an up close look at some of B's admirable qualities, such as her strength and determination.

With all that taken into consideration; I'm very glad to say that Underground (to me) was a blazing success. It brought forth a lot of things you need in a good horror sequel; character depth; answers; emotion and most importantly BLOOD. Yes ladies and gents, the blood is back! However not the vibrant dark red kind..... it's the sludge-ish dried out, gunky stuff you get from 6 month old zombies. XD Whatever the blood type Zom-B Underground is sure to make your heart skip a beat! (The reviwew'll be funnier once you read the book)

My Rating: B

What to expect?

Flame throwers!
A surprise visit by the clown!

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