Mystical World Of Books | 13 February 2013 | Jessica

This is my first book that I have read by Darren Shan and it most certainly won’t be my last. It was a very easy read where the words just seemed to flow across the page. The story was so good and featured many twists and turns with one big one that I never saw coming and I think a lot of other people wouldn’t have either.

I am very new to books about Zombies and this is only my second one about them. It was very different to the first one that I read where I was overloaded with zombies so it was a nice change to read one that had other things happening besides the zombies, such things as bullying and racism and the way that some people deal with it.

I highly suggest this book to anyone who is looking for a quick well written read about some tough issues with zombies thrown in and a ripper twist.


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