Musha Books | 11 June 2010 | Shahir A. Razak

Grubbs Grady has succumbed to temptation and followed Juni to run away from life of demons and magic. But he gets a surprise when Lord Loss suddenly appears on the plane with three of his familiars, Artery, Femur and Spine. And a more bigger surprise is that the one who summoned Lord Loss is none other than his uncle's lover, Juni. But luckily, the leader of the Diciples, Beranabus, is there to save him from a hell of a trouble, literally.

What a great sequal to Blood Beast Demon Apocalypse is. Full of great action and adventure with great new demons joining the battle. And just for a little bit more spoiler, Grubbs will even travel - for the first time - to the Demonata universe in this installation and the final fight in this novel wasn't bad at all, great really. It's great and as an added description, sorrowful. Be prepared the weak readers, you'll be crying at the end.

Rating: 9 / 10

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