More Than Just Magic | 11 March 2013 | Christa

I am constantly amazed by how much content Darren Shan can fit into so few pages. Zom-B Underground comes in under 200 pages yet, once again, I feel as though I’ve been on this crazy, emotional ride that I can’t stop thinking about.


Zom-B Underground picks up not long after Zom-B left off. B has been bitten and she is now a zombie herself. She’s found herself locked in a cell and doesn’t quite understand how she got there, why she still has all her same thoughts and memories and what they’re planning on doing with her. I found this a really neat approach to your standard zombie novel fare. The reader actually gets to see what’s going on in the mind of someone who has been turned. I’ve read a lot of zombie novels and I can honestly say Zom-B Underground was unlike anything I’ve ever read before.


I was kind of disappointed, however, that Zom-B Underground didn’t have the same level of commentary regarding racism as Zom-B did. B isn’t the same immature brat that we met in the first book. In a way this was a good thing – we really got to see her grow as a character and I am all for character development. But that being said, that commentary was what made the first book such a stand out for me. I guess that’s the trade you have to make in this sort of situation but I’m still hoping Darren Shan will come back to it in book three.


Finally, I feel it is necessary to add a warning of sorts for those who are considering this book. There is this incredibly creepy new character called Mr. Dowling. He is probably the most terrifying clown ever. I’m normally not scared of clowns but I’m reasonably sure he will haunt my nightmares. If you are at all afraid of clowns you have been warned.


A great continuation of the series. B is still an interesting and complex character and I truly enjoy reading about her journey. Recommended.

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