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Zom-B: Underground is the second book in Darren Shan’s most recent teen series. In this volume, B, the novel’s protagonist, wakes in a room in an underground military compound, with the mindless dead getting demolished by weapon wielding marauders. B, now a zombie, finds that she is different than most other zombies in that she still has her personality and ability to reason. She is with another group of teen zombies who can reason, and they are being tested and experimented by the human military. Events quickly unravel and B finds she has more questions than answers.



Shan writes a blood-soaked, fast-paced narrative, with the action and gore that would be appreciated by any zombie fan. Beyond that, there is some good character development and storytelling. B still struggles with prejudice and finds herself on the other end as a zombie. Shan introduces us to the world after the zombie attack, but leaves plenty of unknowns leaving readers hungrily waiting for the next book in the series to consume. There are a growing number of YA zombie novels now, and Shan delivers one with punch. The book is highly recommended for both public libraries and school media center. The next book in the series is Zom-B: City




Contains: violence and gore

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