Markham Reviews | 15 April 2014 | Zoe Markham

Even better than Cirque Du Freak. I LOVE this series. The Vampire’s Assistant is darker and more violent than the first, but it’s so intelligently and compellingly written that I’d still be absolutely chuffed to bits to find my son reading this when he’s a few years older, violence and all.


Darren’s complications re his diet, and the options he’s offered are fascinating, particularly from the morgue, I thought that was a really interesting touch. And of course the ultimate option of Sam at the end, that was heartbreaking. R.V and Sam both brought something fresh to this one, and it was good to get to know Evra.


I was so happy to see Shan not shying away from the human blood issue. Same with the wild ferocity of the Wolf Man. Nothing is sugar coated or romanticised. Meyer could learn a thing or two from him, that’s for sure.


It’s straight onto the next one for me to see how far down his current path Darren will go.


YA at its absolute finest.


[I'd like to add, if you've seen the film adaptation, don't worry, it's nothing like the book! And if you haven't seen the film adaptation, don't even think about watching it, it's an absolute disgrace.]

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