Librarian's Picks | 08 August 2013 | Laine

Something is lurking in the dark....what could it be? Who could it be? Are we safe? Should we worry?


NAAAAAA!!! Everything is fine. Let's just have fun, let's gang up on people and have the best time of our lives!!!


Welcome to B's life. B is kid, who has to do what father says or else mother will get it and wants to live a life with the boys in town that fights B's criteria.


But then something happens.






Welcome to B's life. B is kid who doesn't know if father and mother are alive or ALIVE!!! B is running through the high school away from teachers away from friends just to keep the old brain in the head!


Shan has done it once again. Shan has brought us all scary thoughts before bed but this gets you away from bed and boarding up the house on the way to the kitchen!!!

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