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I'm going to try and write this review without giving spoilers to the first book, Zom-B, because I think that it's one of those books that you need to read without knowing what is going to happen.


This second book of the series follows on from the events of Zom-B. B is in an underground complex with a group of other people who are being experimented on. The first three quarters of the novel probably serve as an explanation to Shan's new world. It doesn't explain the why but it does explain what is going on and the effect it has on B. Being underground though, we are kept away from what is happening to the world at large which keeps us in suspense. Towards the end we are treated to another brilliant zombie attack which Shan writes fantastically. The tension ramps up and you really have no idea who is going to survive and who isn't. Shan uses a technique he used in the Demonata series with Grubbs Grady which really shows how strong our lead character is.


There we go, easy to understand if you're up to date with the series but spoiler free! This one is a little slow-going but mainly because it spends a lot of time sharing information. The series is gradually building up into something spectacular and I am already loving it!


4 stars

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