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Judged By Cover: Second is the best~
If you have seen my recent posts, you know that this is currently my favorite series on the market, I read these two books and I'm obsessed. I really like the covers and hope Shan keeps using the same format, because I'd like to eventually see all the different color coded "Zom-B" books all in a line on my shelf, it really gives me a feel of organization among series....and the only ones on my shelf that are like that at the moment are The Wolves of Mercy Falls (Which was fantastic) and the Fallen series (Well...). Anyway, enough of my rambling, love love LOVE the cover design for the books in the series!! A+!


What's Up?
Waking up in a military complex, months after zombies attacked school, B has no memory of the last few months. Life in the UK has turned tough since the outbreak, and B is woven into life- and battle- in the new military regime quickly. But as B learns more about the zombies held in the complex and the scientists keeping them captive, unease settles in. Why exactly was B saved? And is there anyone left in the world to trust?


Time Of Day

Well my friends, let me tell you that finding out B was a girl was probably my favorite thing about this series so far (is gleaming with joy that she is allowed to say this since it's the second book review). For one thing, it was an awesome plot twist that I'm pretty sure no one was really expecting, so thank you Darren Shan for actually taking me by surprise while I was reading for the first time in a while, and the second reason being because I am a girl, and because of that it is easier for me to relate to a female character rather than a guy. I really do love B though...I also don't want to say too much because starting off from the second book...theres pretty much things I could spoil in the first not too much detail! B is awesome though....onto Head Over Heels!


Head Over Heels: Meh
Oh come on people! I've said it once, I'll say it again, don't read a zombie book for romance, you will only end in sadness and pain when the love interest either gets bit, or on the rare occasion they both live...well then the rest of the group you have probably grown to love dies and--....let's just move on. Not really any romance. But still an awesome series.

Bonus Features:

I don't really wanna go too into this, but there's these zombies, sort of, that are aware of what's going on, and are pretty much living aside from the fact that...well they're zombies.


SHE LIVES...Sort of

There isn't a new character. B is still the main character, this means that B lives...sort of. Are you happy? I'm happy.


Some Explanation

Well if you've read the first book, which you should have considering you are reading this review, then there was an incident which I'm sure you remember where some monster like thing that was sort of like a zombie, but wasn't, tried to steal a baby. We get some clarification on those creatures, what happened to B, and some other things in Zom-B Underground.


Final Flavor: MORE
I want more of this series every time I finish a book, luckily for me, I didn't have to wait for the second book to come out but now I have to wait for the third...and I may or may not be super impatient. As I have stated previously in this review, I freaking love this series.


Though it may not be for everyone, as in, if you like romantic realistic fiction about teenage girls finding their true love....this may not be for you, but if you're into Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, adventure, And all around awesome-ness (Nope not a real word) I would suggest you scurry off to the nearest bookstore and buy the books right now! (Or whenever you have time...but now would be better).


I haven't been this in love with a series since... well probably since I read the Darkest Powers by Kelly Armstrong, and that was a pretty awesome series. I have really fallen in love with Shan's writing style, and I think I'm going to go pick up the Cirque du Freak series so I have something to hold me over so I don't explode from waiting for the next book. Really love this series and definitely think you all should check it out, I bet it's going to be the next huge YA series!

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