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This is the first of the Zom-B books that I have read (and I now realise I have read the ones that I have read completely out of order). It is a very different book from the one that preceded it in my reading (Agatha Christie: They Do It With Mirrors), and the change was both refreshing and fun.


The Zom-B series centres on a teenage girl, Becky, whose father is a racist, and whose family lived on an estate in London. At the beginning of this book she wakes up to discover that having been bitten by a zombie at the end of the previous episode she is now a zombie. Importantly, she is one of a small number who somehow survive the transition with some personality intact. The newly named ‘Zom-B’ is recruited into a team of tame zombies.


The only real disappointment in this book is that, being part two of a four part series, it is largely about transitions, and about putting pieces in place of action further down the line. That being said, it does work remarkably well as a stand alone item, and the important bits of information about the previous book are slipped in seamlessly, not feeling jarring or shoes horned in.


In Summary, an excellent ‘young adults’ read, but do yourself a favour and read it in the right order, having read the first part first!

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