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My library didn't have the first book in the Zom-B series so I grabbed the second book. So I may not give spoiler warnings for things that happened in the first book. Though after reading this book I really want to read the first book Zom-B.


Becky Smith is the main character but everyone calls her B. She is a zombie yes, but her brain is still functioning. She is in a compound with others like herself. But things are not right, with the people that are holding them that is. B has to figure out what is going on and what exactly is going to happen to her.


From the beginning this book was fast paced. I loved every bit of it. I love zombie themed books, but this is a new take on the zombies and once again I love it. Shan gives such vivid detail that the reader can imagine it perfectly. Shan describes a Mr. Dowling in such detail that had me cringing and praying to whom ever you believe in, that Mr. Dowling would never, ever be real. If he ever is real I would scream like a little school girl and find something to beat the ever-loving-shit out of him. And I am not a violent person either!


Since I read the second book before the first I don't know the full story behind B. *SPOILER-ALERT* All I do know is that she was brought up with a racist and abusing father, and the only way to stay a little on his good side B had to also be racists. B was turned into a zombie after she sacrificed an African American boy after her father told her to. She was horrified and ran away. That boy later then ripped her heart out and that is how she turned. *SPOILER-ENDED*


There really wasn't anything that I didn't like about the book overall. Well other then it is short and I have to wait for a while for the next book.


Hopefully my library has the first book in, so I can read that one. I have loved Shan as a writer since middle school when I first read his Cirque du Freak series. I want to get all of his series including this one if the rest of the books prove to be just as good as this one. So, yes, I would buy this book if I saw it for sale at a store and I had the money.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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