City Book Review | 10 April 2013 | Josh

Zom-B: Underground is a book for middle aged kids who are seasoned readers. The storyline is about this girl who survives the zombie apocalypse, only to be turned into a Zom head (which is a slang term for being revitalized). Zom-B: Underground has a horror-like theme, but it’s not too scary, so don’t be afraid if you don’t like horror. As the book goes on, this girl (whose name is Becky Smith, but everyone calls her B), tries to escape this factory with her fellow revitalizeds so that they don’t get eaten by more zombies! There were a handful of black and white illustrations. The artwork was pretty good; it reminded me of comic strip style. I think the artwork gives a good idea of what the characters look like.


“Still shaking, I glance around my cell to make sure he’s not lurking, waiting to pounce on me from behind when I think I’m safe. Once I’m convinced that he really has gone, I call out shakily, “Hello?”"


“There’s no answer, but the noises outside are louder than ever, the screams especially. I no longer think that they’re the product of my skewed senses.”

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