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The Thin Executioner is one of the most gripping tales ever by Darren Shan – there were lots of unexpected twists, keeping me wondering what’s going to happen next… I couldn’t stop reading from the start, a young boy called Jebel Rum set off on a quest to visit a god called Sabbah Eid who could make him invincible. Jebel Rum decided to do this because he was too thin and weak to wield the executioner’s axe belonging to his dad, turning him into the laughing stock of the Abu Saga (his home land).

In a disgrace about himself, he buys a slave named Tel Hesani and sets off through a journey that almost killed him numerous amounts of times.

I give this fantastic story 5 out of 5 stars because of the great suspense and the amazing imagination that the author used.

Buy this book now to find out if Jebel Rum and Tel Hesani complete their noble quest, and if Jebel can really become the Thin Executioner!

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