Booklist | 03 April 2013 | Daniel Kraus

Endings don't get more shocking than the final page of the series starter Zom-B (2012), namely spoiler alert the death-by-zombie of its main character. This sequel picks up six months later, as B wakes up in an underground military bunker. Yep, she is now a zombie. Well, sort of. Down here zombies are known as revived, while zombies who maintain their intellect are known as revitalized. B is the latter, and slowly she comes to terms with her new physicality: the gaping hole in her chest; the bones poking out of her fingers; and her new, sharper teeth. Oh, and her appetite has changed a bit, too. Life is, as she relates in her punky, antisocial narration, a world of murder, cannibalism, and sweet, sweet brains. Shan's choice to imbue B with little concern over her horrid state is a bit odd, but most of the good stuff from Zom-B is present here: effective metaphor, lose-lose moral quandaries, and one or two huge surprises. Ten more volumes are to follow, one released every three months.

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