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In the latest Zom-B book, Becky Smith gets sent on missions with other Angels (the revitalized) to capture zombie hideouts, search for living humans and search for other young revitalized. One day on a mission where they find a mother and a baby, B gets captured while waiting outside a zombie ridden Hamleys, by two old enemies Barnes and Coley. She is taken to the HMS Belfast full of very rich politicians who are very bored and have made an arena to make zombies fight in. They wanted Becky as she was the first revitalized to enter the arena. There are 6 members of the “board”. Dan-Dan the child killer; (Lady) Jemima, (Lord) Luca who’s Dan-Dan’s Brother, Vicky, Justin and the prince.


B is put up against 6 or 7 zombies in an arena many times every day to fight to the death. If she refuses, Dan-Dan kills a young child! Each day B gets weaker and more worn out with wounds all over her body. One day she nearly gets herself killed to try and make the board stop and give her time to rest. However they still force her to carry on and she is told that if she dies, then 14 children will be killed. One day when she is fighting gunshots are heard from outside and human screaming. HMS Belfast was under attack!


A very exiting book with lots of brilliant illustrations. 5/5

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