Ashley Manning | 05 January 2013 | Ashley Manning

Darren Shan has done it again. He’s taken a well-known, and loved, genre and recreated it. I’ve been waiting for Zom-B Underground, the second book in his zombie series, since I finished the first one back in September. I thought that the first one was so brilliant that downhill was the only way to go. I was wrong and the best thing about it is that it looks like it’s going to be the 3rd book where everything really takes off.


I wasn’t sure where the series was going to go after the twist ending of B’s death at the end of the first book. I stayed away from anything that would tell me the plot or anything else about it. I really wanted to know what happened. The opening pages answer that question, with revealing that B has turned into conscious zombie, or zom head.After this quick revelation the pace is quick, with new characters introduced, a lot of gore and a few gripping twists.


My favourite part of the book was seeing how B adjusted to being a zom head. The description during the first time she is fed, and has to throw it back up, is just brilliant. All the way through the book their is horrific descriptions of death, mutilation and gore, and it never gets boring or repetitive.


I’m actually surprised by how good this book was. I really enjoyed it. A must read for any horror, zombie or Darren Shan fan.

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