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After devouring Zom-B by Darren Shan I was quick to jump into the second book in the series, Zom-B Underground. The cliffhanger at the end of the first book really left me hanging and I couldn’t wait to find out where the series would go from there. Unfortunately, that cliffhanger makes writing this review spoiler free of the first book utterly impossible, so consider yourself warned. Spoilers for Zom-B ahead!


We catch up with B as she wakes up in an underground complex that appears to be some sort of experimental facility. There are soldiers and scientists everywhere. What comprises this novel is much like what we see in the first, just in a different flavor. In Zom-B we see B struggle with the possibility of inheriting her fathers racist feelings. After the shocking incident where Tyler Bayor was fed to the zombies B swore that she would not become her father and set out on her own. In this one she struggles with the injust way that the zombies are treated. See there are revitaliseds and riveveds in this story. Revitaliseds aren’t your typical zombie. They have regained their consciousness and can function and have thought patterns. B is a revitalised. The reviveds are your typical brain munching zombies who aren’t smart at all. I liked watching B struggle with which side she was on. She was neither zombie nor human so she had so much trouble being OK with how the humans were being so cruel to the zombies.


That inner struggle was really the star in this novel and I loved reading about her feelings but I have to say that the spark in this one wasn’t as strong for me. I did find myself a little bored that we didn’t get any answers and I longed to know what was happening outside of this compound. This is a very small story, we get no idea of the scope of what is happening in the world and we only meet a few characters. We also don’t get any answers as to how this whole zombie apocalypse came to be. The zombie controllers in hoodies do make their appearance in this one but we have no new information on the mutants. Although, I guess we do get to meet their leader and that is one wacky guy. Wow, Mr. Dowling is absolutely frightening and enough to give a girl her fair share of nightmares.


The strongest character here remains B. We do meet some other revitaliseds but I wouldn’t say that they become very developed and they felt very much like secondary characters. I did like the dynamic that the addition of these characters added to B’s unsureness about who she is and how she should react to certain situations. We also meet the doctor who is working on these zom heads (what the revitaliseds call themselves), and two soldiers that are helping out but once again these guys never managed to jump off the page for me. Luckily for the series B remains a strong character in my eyes and is able to carry it along by herself.


We are once again left hanging (I think that will be a running theme in this series) and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Just like the first this is also a super short novel that managed to keep me engaged, but not as enthralled as the first one did. The drawings that we get treated to here and there are great and I found myself staring at them for quite a while before I would continue reading the story. Shan has created a unique zombie apocalypse with it’s fair share of layers & an immense amount of twists and I don’t think this is one to be missed.


4 stars

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