| 01 May 2005 | Christina Lewis
The journey continues for the half Vampire Prince Darren Shan as he, Mr. Crepsley, Vancha March and Harkat Mulds find themselves in the city of Mr. Crepsley's birth, trying to stop the murderous vampaneze as they prey on the people. As Darren finds himself attending school during the day and hunting the vamapeze at night, he runs into several old friends, but can they be trusted? Will they be able to stop the killings? Or will the Vampaneze Lord slip through their fingers a second time? A fast-paced, exciting, on the edge of your seat adventure!
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  • Fan art

    from Darren's Blog on 20 July 2019

    Some stunning Cirque Du Freak fan art by a Shanster with the user name of Azucotale. Enjoy!


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    from Events on 06 August 2017

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