| 28 February 2011 | Davey C Jones



The latest manga version of the popular book series hits a big turning point for Darren. He’s defeated Kurda and been declared a vampire prince. He’s stayed on Vampire Mountain for six years since that event in order to train and be ready for the upcoming vampaneze war. He’s gone through a lot of changes, but his fight is only beginning!


Mr. Tiny shows up again and his presence never leads to any good for anyone. He has a fortune to tell. The vampaneze lord has risen and is partially blooded. The only chance the vampires have is to stop the lord before he becomes fully blooded. To do this three, and only three, vampires can go after him. There will be four chances and only four to stop the lord. If they fail – doom!


The three hunters are Darren, Crepsley and a third member yet to be discovered. During their journey to find the vampaneze villain one chance is already come and gone. The countdown has already begun! Darren goes through a startling transformation. He’s turning into a full blooded vampire faster than expected, bringing out some big changes for Darren. They meet up with Prince Vancha, the third hunter for their task. They also have a reunion with the Cirque de Freaks which is bittersweet.


Their hunt takes them to the witch Evanna who shares a secret about Crepsley with Daren and also tells them about their future. If they have faced the vampaneze lord four times and failed to destroy him, then only one of the three hunters will be alive to see the vampire clan be destroyed. Ominous words and Darren wonders what the future will hold. They’ve already missed one chance, will they be ready for the next?


It’s an enjoyable series and the art style suits the tale. It’s a little bit grim, it has its share of harshness in the hard lives of vampires and those around them. It’s cool.


IN SUMMARY: A good jumping on point for new readers. Darren is now a vampire prince and must find the vampaneze lord before it is too late!

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