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**Disclaimer: If you have read Zom-B, this review will be spoiler free. But there are unavoidable spoilers for Zom-B. You have been warned.**


My experience with Zom-B was an interesting one. It was definitely a quick read, but it was completely unexpected! So in picking up the second book in this series, Zom-B Underground, I still really didn't know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised.


B wakes up a new being--a dead one, to be precise. Yes, B has re-awoken as a zombie, locked up in a research facility where scientists are studying her and others like her. As a conscious zombie, B gives us access to a different perspective of a post-zombie apocalyptic story.


In Zom-B, B is a majorly flawed and abrasive character with little hope for redemption. Yet in this second book, B has the chance to redeem herself. She has awoken to a new world, a new life, one that is not easy but it is a chance to change. I found myself identifying and empathizing with B in this book, which is SO DIFFERENT from the first book where I just wanted to hit her! So along with the intense character development, we also develop as readers. This is a very interesting transition and experience, one that I do not experience all that often while I read.


This is the first zombie novel I have read where zombie experimentation has played a major part in the story (this is also the first novel I have read where the main character is a zombie). I think that Shan is definitely adding a new element to zombie lure that is both intriguing and exciting. This story, told from such a perspective, allows for a different level of character development from all angles, both zombies and not zombies. The world is changing drastically, and Shan is slowly shedding light on just what the world has become.


I am really glad that the next few books will be published this year. These books are so extremely short, and I can trust that the quality will still remain in this speedy publication. Look for my review of book 3 in May!


My Bookshelf Rating: A Middle Shelf Book!


What an interesting perspective Darren Shan brings to the zombie-apocalypse world! We have character struggle with B, who is trying to be someone better than she was. And we have zombie experimentation! What is going on in this zombie-apocalypse? Zombie introspective makes for a very interesting twist in this long-term narrative.

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