• The Breakfast meme

    07 November 2019

    The memes based on Cirque Du Freak and other books of mine keep coming thick and fast, and are proving as popular with my followers as they are with me, so long may it last! :-)


    This one, sent...

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  • 10 YA Series that Could Be the Next Hunger Games

    06 November 2019

    There was an interesting article on CBR.com a while ago, focusing on 10 YA Series that Could Be the Next Hunger Games. It looks at ten different YA series that it feels are ripe for a TV or movie...

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  • Demonic T-shirts

    05 November 2019

    Twin Shansters Christine (with the glasses) and Joan were assigned the task, as past of a book report, of making a T-shirt with the cover, main characters, setting, problem of the book, favorite...

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  • 13 Spooky books

    04 November 2019

    I'm a few days late with this one, but as Kurt Vonnegut used to so aptly put it -- "Hi ho." :-)


    My American publishers LittleBrown came up with a list of 13 Books to Spook You Out This...

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  • Family photos

    03 November 2019

    A few Shan photos to brighten up your November Sunday. The first was taken back in September, when we celebrated my son Dante's birthday party -- if you want to know what age he was, a big clue is...

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  • A funereal meme

    02 November 2019

    It's Cirque Du Freak meme time again. This one was shared with me by a fan called Jack, who also shared the RV one last week. You'll need to have read a good bit into the series to get the joke,...

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