• New reviews

    07 June 2010

    I’ve added several new reviews for Dark Calling to the site, as well as a few new reviews for Procession of the Dead. You can find them, along with all of the other reviews for my books, by ...

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  • New York update

    02 June 2010

    Sorry for another long blog absence, folks, but I've been in New York on holiday for most of the past week and I just couldn't find the time for a long blog! I have been tweeting quite regularly...

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  • The hardest talk

    26 May 2010

    The last couple of days have been hard. After my Grandad died on Sunday, his body was taken away to be embalmed and was then returned to the house. I stayed up all night with some of the family...

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  • Bye bye Grandad

    23 May 2010

    Sorry I haven't posted a blog for so long but it's been a difficult week. My Grandad fell seriously ill last Monday and spent the whole of the week passing way. He finally moved on to Vampire...

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  • Perfection can wait

    17 May 2010

    I took Saturday off and went for a walk along the beach in Ballybunion with Bas. Apart from that I've been working hard, editing a book for adults which I wrote several years ago. I have two...

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  • Celtic synchronicity!

    14 May 2010

    I received the following email from a lady called Tracy in the USA, which made me smile:

    So I sat down and watched the Vampire's Assistant movie sometime ago and noticed it came from a book...

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