• Vegan DesTiny?!?

    22 May 2019

    Last week I posted about Cirque Du Freak getting a shout-out on the Raise Vegan web site, and pondered what the character RV would have thought of it. Destiny (DesTiny) being what it (he) is, very few things in this universe exist in complete isolation, and connective links usually crop up sooner rather than later once a topic is highlighted. Thus, just a few days later, although it's ages since I posted anything at all about RV, I was sent this photo of a vegetarian burger, by a fan called Laura. Her brother had spotted the Reggae Veggie burger and got excited, because at first he thought it said Reggie Veggie, which is RV's full nickname. I thought that too at first when I saw it, and even though we were both wrong, it's strange that it should pop up at this precise moment in time, so soon after the previous post.






    I have no idea.


    But I know a small man in a yellow suit, with big green wellington boots, who probably does...


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