• USA Blog Tour - Day 1

    06 July 2020

    Blog tour! Blog tour! I'm going on a blog tour!!


    Tuesday July 7th - Rajiv's Reviews - Review. https://www.rajivsreviews.com/

    Wednesday July 8th - Books, Tea, Healthy Me - Video Interview. https://booksteahealthyme.home.blog/

    Thursday July 9th - I'm planning to add an extra post here, if not as a guest on someone else's site, then on my own blog.

    Friday July 10th - Willow Writes And Reads - Review + Playlist. https://willowwritesandreads.com/

    Saturday July 11th - The Reading Corner for All - Review + Favourite Quotes. https://www.thereadingcornerforall.com/

    Sunday July 12th - Mind of Luxe - Review + Favourite Quotes + Mood Board. https://mindofluxe.wordpress.com/



    I'm going on a blog tour of the USA over the coming week, popping up on a different blog on each day of the tour. I'm going to be a doing a daily link to the tour from my own blog and Facebook page, but because I'm not sure of the times that the various posts will be going live, I'll be a day behind schedule -- so, I'll be posting the link to Rajiv's Review on the 8th, the link to Books, Tea, Healthy Me on the 9th, etc. I have a couple of surprise posts up my sleeve, which aren't mentioned in the official tour schedule -- I'll be kicking off with one of those tomorrow. And I thought I'd also throw in a little extra in today's post, which brings me to the following...


    As you can see, Mind of Luxe is going to be doing a Mood Board on the 12th. I've no idea what they're going to come up with, and I'm keen to find out. While I was thinking about what images they might choose, it started me wondering what I would choose if I was making a mood board for the first Archibald Lox volume... and you can find my effort below, capturing six key elements of the first three Archibald Lox books, which actually tell pretty much the entire story (not that there will be any spoilers for those of you who haven't read the books). I think it's the first ever mood board I've ever put together, so hey, don't lay into me too heavily with the criticism!! :-)


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