• Three stages of Tu Jsem

    26 April 2019

    I love featuring fan art in my posts, and have by this stage probably offered up thousands of different versions of my characters, drawn by talented and enthusiastic readers. But this post is a bit different to the pieces I usually feature, proof that you guys can still find ways to surprise me. All three are by the same artist, a fan called Tu Jsem, who has been reading my books for a long time, and wanted to explore how their art style had changed over the years. So Tu Jsem posted three drawings from different time periods -- the first, of a vampaneze, hails from 2007. The second, of Steve and Gannen Harst, was drawn in 2013. And the third, of a romantic Mr Crepsley, hails from 2018. It's an interesting look at a budding artist's evolution -- but which piece is YOUR favourite???


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