• The heat is on!

    17 June 2019

    Lee Hays once said about his band The Weavers taking a long hiatus, "We went on a Sabbatical that turned into a Mondical and a Tuesdical."


    It's one of my favourite quotes, and the reason I'm bringing it up today is that I've have my own Mondical and Tuesdical on the writing front over the last year or so, but I've got back in the saddle today to start editing what will be my next Darren Dash release for adult readers. We're realistically looking at a first half of 2020 on-sale date (I'll have to edit it a few times myself, then send it to my copywriter who will have to make room in her own schedule to work on it... sort out the cover and typesetting and listing it... send it out to reviewers ahead of its release in the hope of getting some good word of mouth on the go... and so on), but who knows, maybe I'll manage to squeeze it out into the world before the end of this year.


    I'll keep y'all updated as things progress. For the moment, know only this -- it's a darkly tongue-in-cheek London-set noir thriller, whose title heavily (and theme a bit more cheekily) references one of my favourite Billy Wilder films, Some like it hot...


    That's all for now -- keep watching for more info -- and in the meantime, if anyone wants to have a stab at guessing the title, go ahead and I'll let you know if you're hot or cold! :-)


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