• The eyes have it!

    12 May 2019

    It's Sunday, so, as usual, I'm uploading some family pictures -- I always feel that Sunday is a good day to take some time away from more work-related posts.


    I love the way our new addition, Gaia, is staring so intently at Dante and me in the first two photos. (Taken a month apart, the second taken when she was just a few days old, the first one month later.) She's been an inquisitive soul ever since she emerged on the scene, just as Dante was when he was born, eyes darting every which way, alert to every minor sound. I think they'll both make good Vampire Generals if they decide to go down that route in later years...


    The third pic just makes me think of Casablanca, and Humphrey Bogart drawling, "Here's looking at you, kid." :-)



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