• Tattoo Tuesday

    16 April 2019

    This week's Tattoo Tuesday comes to us courtesy of a fan called Ashley -- and it's fair to say she's got some neck, as we say here in Ireland and the UK! ("You've got some neck!" means "You've got some nerve!") She took my most-tattooed quote, but really upped the ante, both by its size and where she placed it. Safe to say, it's not going to escape the attention of any vampire or vampaneze who decides to do a bit of Dracula-style neck-biting... :-)


    Shanster tattoos have been flooding in thick and fast and inky in recent weeks. We're on a bit of a Tattoo Tuesday run again, so hopefully we'll be able to keep it going for a while -- if YOU have a tattoo based on one of my books, or know someone who does, please share it with me and I'll do my best to feature it in a future Tattoo Tuesday post.


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