• Side-splitting meme

    17 October 2019

    Heh heh heh. I think this Cirque Du Freak movie adaptation meme, supplied by a fan with the user name of Jimothy, is going to have haters of the CDF movie rolling around the floor with laughter. I mean, it's a pretty funny meme no matter what you think of the film (let's face it, even the film's greatest lovers -- and there are plenty of fans who DO love it -- can't claim that it was the most faithful of adaptations), but if you're one of those who love the books but think the film was an abomination... yeah, this is gonna hit your sweet spot big time!!!



    As always when I'm posting about the movie, in anticipation of the inevitable questions -- I don't hate it; I like it on its own terms; at the same time, of course I wish the makers had been more faithful; and hopefully it will get rebooted at some point, most preferably for TV.

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