• Say what, now?!?

    09 September 2019

    A fan of my Demonata books recently queried the pronunciation of Grubbs Grady's real first name -- Grubitsh. She had been pronouncing it Grub-its for year, had been challenged over it by a friend, and wanted me to act as judge -- alas, I had to rule against her, as the correct pronunciation is actually Grew-bitch (with a hint of an S in the "bitch" sound). Well, I say "correct," but since I made the name up, there's no actual right or wrong way to say it -- but Grew-bitch is the SHAN way. :-)


    There are some very weird names in my Demonata books, so I provided a handy little pronunciation guide for the more out-there names in the first three books, which you can find in the Extras section of my web site, by clicking on the following link -- this will ensure that none of you need ever make a Demonic faux pas again! :-) https://www.darrenshan.com/extras/feature/a-demon-by-any-other-name



    Drawing of Grubbs by Ralf The Bloody (great name!). https://www.deviantart.com/ralfthebloody/art/Grubbs-Grady-204415323

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