• Roses are red, and so are…

    14 December 2019

    The "Red Wall" of the Labour Party crumbled during the election in the UK on Thursday, but in a show of sympathy for lovers of all things scarlet, it's a wall of red here in Shanville this Saturday!!! :-)


    First up, courtesy of a fan called Cacamalica, we have Darren Shan resplendent in a cloak of the deepest, darkest red.



    Second, conjured up by a fan with the user name on Twitter of Un Remy, is Darren's mentor, Mr Crepsley, looking even more severe and disturbing than usual.



    Finally, keen to get in on the act, we have everyone's favourite snake boy, Evra Von, who pulled on a red t-shirt, with the aid of a fan called Emily, and photo-bombed the shot!



    There's also plenty of the claret flying about the place in my latest crime noir thriller for adults, Molls Like It Hot, which I released under the name of Darren Dash. To find out more, click here: www.darrendashbooks.com

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