• Legoland and time travel

    13 October 2019

    I don't think I've posted these photos before. They hail from back near the start of July, when the Shan clan decamped to London for a couple of weeks and went to Legoland on one of the days. Actually, my son Dante loved it so much that I ended up taking him again later in the holiday -- and I actually made a flying visit to London again with him this weekend, primarily so that the pair of us could once again head for the home of tiny bricks in Windsor!


    The most recent trip reminded me of these snaps, which were in a folder on my PC. I meant to be post them ages ago, but as far as I'm aware, I never got round to it, and I figured better late than never! If I'm wrong and I have posted them before, then that will explain your sense of deja vu if any of these look familiar to you. If I'm correct and I didn't post them, but you're still feeling a sense of deja vu, then you probably travelled in time and saw these today while in your future before snapping back to your own time.




    :-) :-) :-)






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