• Demonic drawings

    11 May 2019

    I posted about my Demonata books a few days ago, and the best order in which to read them, which makes this seem like a good time to share some Demonata fan art. All four of these pictures were drawn by a fan called Sari Andita.


    The first features Beranabus, Drust and Bec. (Those who've read all the books will know why these three were grouped together, even though Beranabus initlally appeared in a different book to the other two.)


    The second features Dervish, Grubbs and Bill-E. The positioning of the chess pieces works especially well here -- nicely played, young artist!


    Kernel, Bec and Beranabus take centre stage in the third drawing -- nice to see that Kernal hasn't lost his mastery of the mysterious panels of light that were a key part of defining who he was.


    The fourth drawing sees Kernel and Grubbs getting ready to kick some demon butt all the way back to hell! Or else they're getting ready for a night out at the cinema... :-)


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