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    04 July 2019

    An eagle-eyed Shanster re-read my Demonata series recently, and noticed the dates in the back of the final book, Hell's Heroes: February 6th 2001 -- June 5th 2009. That's the time that I spent writing and editing the ten books in the series -- I started work on Lord Loss in February 2001, and finished my final edit of Hell's Heroes in June 2009 -- which was ten years ago last month.


    I actually missed the anniversary -- I'll celebrate the decade-long release of Hell's Heroes in October -- but I was planning to run a competition on my monthly newsletter this month, and it started me thinking if there was a nice little Demonata-related prize that I could offer, and what do you know...



    I found a stack of old Demonata posters that my American publishers produced as giveaways while they were making and releasing the paperback editions of the books. They've sat in storage in my house -- until now! I've signed, dated and inscribed the posters, and will be giving them away as prizes in my July Shanville Monthly COMPETITION. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is click on the following link, answer a ridiculously simple question, email me your answer, name and address -- then sit back and keep your fingers crossed! (And no, for the suspicious types among you, this isn't a sly way for me to grab your details and sell them on -- I delete all the submitted info at the end of the competition.) Good luck!!



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    No AvatarLaura McPhail
    07, Jul, 2019
    I can't believe it's been 10 years!

    I've just dusted off my copies, purchased some I'm missing and am re-reading them at 23 years old.
    They're just as thrilling as the first time I read them back at school and I'm falling in love with all the characters (even demons!) all over again.

    I've just finished Bec and am waiting in anticipation for Blood Beast to arrive. As a short, red-headed girl Bec was such an important character to me growing up, where being small and ginger was something to be picked on at school, she made me feel strong and unstoppable.

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