• Can E tempt you?!?

    15 April 2019

    A fan called Eytan recently posted a photo of his Zom-B collection. He has the American hardcovers, which look lovely when stacked together neatly, but what especially caught my eye was the cover of Zom-B Circus on his tablet. (It's a short novel that I wrote as an addition to my Zom-B series, and is only available as a low-cost ebook.)


    I know a lot of readers love the physicality of printed books, and don't like to dabble with ebooks, partly (sometimes largely) because their collection can't be showcased the same way as paperbacks and hardbacks. And, hey, I get that too -- I'm a big collector, with all my books stacked alphabetically, and a special section for my first editions and signed copies. But, y'know, a book can look cool on a tablet, computer screen or e-Reader too, and the two universes -- the physical and the virtual -- CAN exist together harmoniously, as Eytan's photo proves.


    I still read physical books, but I read a lot of books on Kindle these days too. I find there are pros and cons to both. Physical books certainly have a charm about them that you just can't reproduce digitally, but I love the ease of downloading an ebook, the fact that you don't have to worry about finding space to store your collection (a genuine concern for any true bookworm in the old days), and also that it affords access to books that might no longer be available in any other format, if they ever were in the first place -- such as Zom-B Circus. (My British publishers did print off a limited run as a free giveaway with SFX magazine, but it was never published for sale.)


    So, if you're still sitting on the ebook fence, as I once was, nervous about stepping foot on the other side for a bit of virtual grazing... go on, give it a go, you might be surprised by how much you like it.


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    No AvatarMs. Yingling
    16, Apr, 2019
    I certainly read e books for myself, but for a school library they are problematic. Students have so many different kinds of phones, etc. that it's hard to have an e book in my school collection, although we do have a great state collection for Ohio. (And they do have Zom-B Circus, so I put a hold on it!) Thanks for the heads up!

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