• Another Molly Marie Tuesday!

    11 February 2020

    It's Molly Marie Tuesday again! Yep, she's back with three more designs for possible tattoos. The first was inspired by the character of Steve Leopard, and Molly Marie said she was so pleased with it that she might get the tattoo herself one day, although maybe without the text.


    The second design, based on Truska, made me chuckle because it reminded me of one of my favourite lines in one of my favourite Nick Cave songs. The song is called John Finn's Wife and the line goes:


    "Well, midnight came and clock did strike
    And in she came, did John Finn's wife
    With legs like scissors and butcher's knives
    A tattooed breast and flaming eyes"


    The third design is based on Alice Burgess, everyone's favourite vampaneze-hunting ex-police officer! Molly Marie said she was unsure about this one, but I like it -- I also like the fact that someone has taken the time to draw something inspired by Alice, as she often gets overlooked when fans are talking about memorable characters from the books. I know she wasn't one of the major characters in the original series, but I had plans for her if I'd taken it forward, and she would have been a far more important player than the first half of the overall 20-something book series (as it was originally planned) suggested...


    But hush. I've said too much!




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