• To film or not to film?

    02 April 2010

    I read an interesting letter from a 70 year old film and book fan in the San Francisco Chronicle today (isn’t the internet incredible?!?). He wrote: Author Pat Conroy (“Prince of Tides”) once...

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  • Obviously!!

    30 March 2010
    I finished my latest edit of what will hopefully be my next adult book today. I can’t say anything about it yet, except I’ve got a very good feeling about this one! I think it’s my most mainstream...
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  • It could be YOU!!!

    27 March 2010
    Had a nice, relaxing Saturday. We went to the Milk Market in Limerick in the morning, an outdoors market which sells everything from local produce to second-hand drills!! We enjoyed the food stalls...
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  • Shan’s gone to WordPress!!!

    13 August 2009
    After a number of happy years here at BlogDrive, I have decided to switch my blog over to WordPress. Partly it's because it's a bit of a snazzier option. Mostly it's because I've been having...
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  • Something smells fishy!!!

    12 August 2009
    Bas and I were walking back from visiting my grandparents and parents tonight. Goldie, my neighour's dog, came with us for the walk. On our way, he ran into another dog and they started sniffing...
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  • Dratted distractions!!

    11 August 2009

    Wrote 10 more pages of the new book yesterday. This one features a lot of dialogue-heavy scenes, which are at the same time both frutrating and intriguing to write. Frustrating because the plot...

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