• Disappointing review?

    21 September 2019

    This is a bizarre one!


    As most of you probably already know, I write for adults as well as children/teenagers, and these days I release those books under the name of Darren Dash. Back in 2015,...

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  • Harley Quinn

    20 September 2019

    A recent review on the But Why Tho? site for a new Harley Quinn graphic novel mentioned in summation that it "should be a must-read for all Harley Quinn fans and fans of YA novels such as Cirque du...

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  • Shantastic pets

    19 September 2019

    Shansters naming their pets after characters in my books is not a new phenomenon (perhaps most famously, many years ago one of Jonathan Ross's daughters named the family cats Darren and Steve!) but...

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  • A rare reviewer

    18 September 2019

    When you write a long series of books, as I have done a few times now, one of the problems is the scarcity of reviews for later entries. It's relatively easy -- if you have the backing of a major...

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  • A sad Tattoo Tuesday

    17 September 2019

    It's Tattoo Tuesday time again. This week's comes from a fan of my books called Cody. It's a beautiful, quirky image, but there's a sad story behind it, which I'll let Cody tell.


    "Thought you...

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  • To coin a phrase

    16 September 2019

    Shakespeare invented a plethora of words and phrases that have become part of our established, everyday lexicon --such as "All's well that ends well," "cold comfort," full circle," "something...

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