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My regret for Steve Leonard


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Hi Darreh Shan!

I enjoyed reading ‘Darren Shan’ so much recently. It was a great story.

However, after finished reading up to Chapter 12, a regret for Steve remains in my mind.

Where would his soul be now?

The words that he got from Crespley when he was denied to become vampire, must have hurt him so much.  The hurt must the origin of him becoming crazy and vicious.

‘Your blood is poisoned.’
‘You are a demon’

Gosh, if were him, I would have gone the same way, because I wouldn’t be able to get away from myself! 

Even at the moment he was dying, when he seemed to be aware of himself being crazy, Darren provoked his anger again. 

I know the story is a fantasy and Steve was set to be a vicious personality, but I still feel sorry for him, thinking his soul still hanging over with anger and desperation.

Do you have any plan to save his spirit from hell and make make me feel easy in the near future?