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Zom-B/Cirque Du Freak / Demonata crossover event - EPIC!


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Okay, I’m on book 8 of Zom-B, book 5 of Cirque du freak, and book 2 of Demonata, and I’m almost done with The Thin Executioner, so please - no spoilers!
But I’m just thinking it’d be so bad-ass to see a lineup - Becky Smith, holding a big axe, with her sharp claws out, with Mr. Dowling the clown in front of her holding a knife. Darren Shan is facing Steve. And Grubbs Grady is facing Lord Loss, it’d be so epic to see on the big screen.


I also think it would be really cool (I know he doesn’t, but) if Jebel Rum made an appearance in one of the Cirque Du Freak books, where he’s a skronny boy, then in a later book where he’s really strong (again ive got 90 pages left from it so no spoilers please) or a Thin Executioner Movie.